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Queer Porn Pop-Up Shop!!!

While Heartless Productions looks towards the future, I wanted to offer something sweet for the queer community! For Valentine's Day, why not enjoy some free queer porn? Porn should be accessible, and that includes financially. As such, this site is open just for Valentine's Day on a sliding scale, pay what you can or nothing at all basis! Please enjoy and indulge!

– xo Jacqueline Mary

~ all of the videos below are 1920x1080, and so will probably take a while to load! ~

Whoops, I'm afraid you missed out on the free Valentine's Day porn :( Watch this space for new developments soon – and sign up for our mailing list below!

Qustom Queer Qummandos

James Darling and Parker Reed make beautiful music together in this dreamy homage to Kustom Kar Kommandos.

The Boy

Kathleen Diamond awakens to find a present from her girlfriend wrapped in her living room - a boy (Jimminy Lickitt) available to serve her every whim. Kathleen likes her tea hot, her floor clean, and her boys dirty, so a lively trial period is required to make sure this boy is fit for the task. Will he be able to measure up to her exacting standards? It might take a little training…

The Plague Doctor

Courtney Trouble writhes on a morgue slab, plagued by suffering, bruised and bloody. Enter the Plague Doctor (Cola), a welcome and pure vision in white… or is she? Leeches and a straight razor are required to purify the blood and relieve the pain, The Doctor insists - it’s for Courtney’s own good. It seems, however, that perhaps the Doctor has her own sadistic pleasures in mind for her “hysterical” patient. It may prove too much for Courtney… but the Plague Doctor will get the result she wants from her patient - dead or alive.

The Girl Gang

Violette Dentata and Axon Panter are a couple of rough-and-tumble bad girls looking for a fresh piece of meat. They find it in cheerleader Chelsea Poe, who ends up finding herself in over her head when she mouths off to the girl gang. Soon, Violette and Axon discover that maybe good girl Chelsea is up for a little more bad in her - that is, in her mouth and her ass!

Grrrl With The Most Cake

Jacqueline Mary and Violette Dentata get very messy in this lime green fantasy driven quickie.